Five Decades of Successful Venture Investing

Spring Creek Partners is a single-family office that manages a diversified investment portfolio with the goal of achieving superior, long-term, risk-adjusted returns.

The Early Years

Our Manufacturing Roots


Spring Creek Partners is the outgrowth of a company formed by three Swedish immigrants in 1915.  Anderson Brothers Manufacturing, as the company was known then, grew to be one of the foremost designers and builders of dairy packaging equipment in the world.

The Emergence of

Venture Capital Funds


In 1972, Sandy Robertson asked John Anderson to introduce Eugene Kleiner and Tom Perkins to a local industrialist. John heard the pitch and committed to participating in the fund, becoming Kleiner Perkins’s first limited partner.

Tom Perkins (Hewlitt-Packard), left, and Eugene Kleiner (Fairchild Semiconductor), raise their first Venture Capital fund in 1972.  They consider themselves the first VCs with an industry and entrepreneur background.

Expanding our Venture Capital Initiative


We have significantly expanded our venture capital portfolio by investing with name brand incumbents as well as emerging managers. 

Today, our portfolio includes top-performing fund managers who invest across all stages for the venture capital universe.

Investing in
Transformative Companies


We complement our best-in-class fund managers by actively pursuing direct investments in early-stage tech companies. 

Though we see numerous unsolicited opportunities, our preferred approach is to co-invest alongside our existing fund managers and within our family office network.

Current Portfolio Companies

Exited Portfolio Companies

IPO 1991
Acquired by Biogen

IPO (1995)

IPO (1997)
Acquired by Lightbridge

World Medical

Acquired by Medtronic

Acquired by Cadence Design Sys.

Acquired by
Computer Associated

Diamond Lane Comm.

Acquired by Nokia


IPO 1999
Acquired by Vignette

IPO 1999
Acquired by webMethods

IPO 1999
Acquired by webMD


IPO 2000
Acquired by Open Text

IPO 2000
Acquired by Edmentum

IPO 2005
Acquired by
Charles Schwab

IPO 2006

Acquired by IBM

What is Unique

About Our Story


Anderson Japanese Gardens evolved from John & Linda Anderson’s vision to create a unique backyard amenity to an internationally renown public garden. What started as a backyard project in 1972 is now considered one of the highest quality Japanese gardens in the world.

The presentation ceremony of the American Association of Nurserymen’s National Landscape Awards presented at the White House by Nancy Reagan, May 19, 1988.

Our Team


Spring Creek Partners’ team focuses on seeking investments with significant long-term revenue and profit potential.