What is Unique About Our Story

Anderson Japanese Gardens evolved from John & Linda Anderson’s vision to create a unique backyard amenity into an internationally renowned public garden. The founding principles of authentic design and first-class craftsmanship combined with the highest ongoing maintenance standards have led to the Garden’s reputation as one of the finest Japanese gardens in the world.

What started as a backyard project in 1978 now hosts over 60,000 guests annually who visit from nearly every state and from dozens of foreign countries. The Anderson Family donated the Garden to a nonprofit entity in 1998. Their home was subsequently razed in 2008 and the remnant property donated to the Garden. Spring Creek Partners’ office is located adjacent to and overlooks the 14-acre Japanese garden. 


Why This is Important to the Anderson Family

Anderson Japanese Gardens provides an easy-to-access outdoor setting where people can escape the stresses of everyday life.  Increasing research demonstrates that individuals who live in today’s face-paced, stress-filled society benefit tremendously by spending time in nature. We observe the powerful impact nature has on people through hundreds of testimonies that share the influence the Garden has had on their lives.   These stories make the forty-year effort very rewarding.


Photo Gallery

John & Linda Anderson

John Anderson & Akira Ohno, a family friend and former President of Morinaga Milk Company

John Anderson & Hoichi Kurisu (2006)

Essence of Autumn Video